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Bible, Ministry, & Philosophy at Taylor

At Taylor, we believe all of our students should be biblical scholars and truth-seekers—students who know and understand the Bible as a foundation for the rest of life. By integrating basic Bible and apologetics courses into our Foundational Core requirements, we are setting up our students to learn about a broad range of Christian thinking to help them discover what they believe for themselves.

Our students explore both the Old and New Testament, learning many applications of the Gospels, Pentateuch, Pauline Epistles, etc. and discovering how those applications fit with contemporary issues. You will also study the historic perspective of the church and relate it to how the church works today.

Take Your Bible, Ministry, or Philosphy Degree Around the World

Explore Taylor University’s short- and long-term opportunities to take your ministry training a step further. Serve around the world through month-long service trips or week-long Spring Break missions trips to gain a wider perspective on global ministry and biblical leadership. You can also spend a semester taking courses in your major in a new cultural environment through our various partner universities from Ecuador to Japan.

Semester Programs
  • Universidad del Azuay*: Christian Ministries students can earn credits and expand their abilities to speak Spanish at this Ecuadorian university. You will engage with Latin American culture through full-immersion experiences with host-families and outreach programs in a local church.
  • Australia Studies Centre*: Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries majors can explore experiential service learning in indigenous Australian cultures with host-families and local churches.
  • Jerusalem University College*: Travel to Israel for a semester to study Scripture in context, visit biblical sites, understand the Arab-Israeli conflict, and experience modern and ancient cultures.
  • Scholars’ Semester in Oxford*: Prepare for a semester of in-depth theology and philosophy courses with Oxford’s academically robust program in the United Kingdom.
  • Tokyo Christian University*: Spend a fall semester studying theology at this Japanese university. You will experience East Asian culture in home and academic settings and explore their rich culture and history firsthand.
  • York St John University*: Take philosophy courses in a cross-cultural setting and explore the unique city of London.
J-Term Programs
  • Footsteps of Paul: Travel in the apostle Paul’s footsteps as mapped out in the New Testament during this three-week core Bible course in Greece and Italy. This trip is open to all majors.
  • Introduction to Holy Land Studies: Stay at Jerusalem University and visit traditional biblical sites for the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. Explore cities such as Bethlehem and Nazareth and count this trip toward a Foundational Core Bible requirement. This trip is open to all students.
  • Travels to Turkey: Investigate core church doctrine by exploring the seven Turkish cities that were called out in Revelation, the locations for the first seven church councils. This trip counts as Core Bible credit for all students.
Spring Break Missions
  • Daytona Beach*: Take a step out of your comfort zone by joining this Florida beach evangelism team, initiating conversation with strangers, and planting seeds of the Gospel.
  • Indianapolis*: Serve in an impoverished community just an hour and a half away from campus at a local community center.
  • Memphis*: Tackle various service projects with a team of students to help community members in Memphis, Tennessee.

*Programs are not directly associated with the Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy department. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Programs for more information.

Bible, Ministry, & Philosphy on Campus

Bible, Ministry, & Philosophy majors can carry out their classroom learning through clubs, service opportunities, and conferences. They will expand their network of philosophy- and Bible-focused peers and mentors, as well as develop a greater understanding of theological, philosophical, and ministry topics.

  • Center for Scripture Engagement
    The Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement is a collaboration among a number of Taylor departments to promote deep engagement in Scripture, train ministry leaders both on- and off-campus, and conduct cutting-edge research. Taylor students have also participated in writing Scripture engagement articles on Bible Gateway read by millions of people and helping build computer software for a Scripture engagement app.
  • Ethics Bowl
    Ethics Bowl enables Taylor students to put their philosophical studies into action through intercollegiate debate competitions. Our team has reached nationals every year since 2010, winning nationals in 2015.
  • Conferences
    Students can attend a wide variety of conferences and meetings put on by ministry organizations across the country. Discuss various biblical themes in pursuit of philosophical excellence; reflect on God’s faithfulness to the church; celebrate the global work of Christ; and hear from famous authors, theologians, ministers, and philosophers. These include the Evangelical Philosophical Society’s annual meeting, meetings for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and the Indiana Philosophical Association, the Gospel Coalition’s annual regional conference, and the annual Wheaton Theology Conference.
  • Local Service & Ministries
    Make a difference in the community by volunteering in local kids’ Bible studies, like Basics (grades 3-6) and Basics Jr. (age 4 to grade 2), and helping lead kids in learning Scripture verses, playing games, and worshipping God. After-school programs give Taylor students an opportunity to help elementary through high school students with their homework and make community connections.
Choosing Your Bible, Ministry, or Philosophy Major

Taylor's Bible, Ministry, and Philosophy programs are not just for students who want to follow careers into the church; our graduates enter a wide variety of fields, from law to global missions. Many majors and minors in this area are developed to complement another discipline, allowing students to double major. Read and discover what major might best suit your goals, skills, and passions.

Click on the name of any major below to learn more.
  • Biblical Literature
    The Biblical Literature major covers the historicity of the Bible, sound biblical interpretation, relevant moral and ethical questions, and how the biblical Christian worldview contrasts with other worldviews.
  • Christian Ministries
    A Christian Ministries major prepares you to become a ministry leader and facilitate spiritual formation in others. You will learn to lead and teach in-depth Bible studies, leadership development courses, and education classes in the historical and psychological foundations of ministry.
  • Intercultural Studies
    Learn the history and present state of global Christian missions work with an Intercultural Studies & Missions minor. You will study world mission strategy, cultural anthropology, history of church missions, and Eastern and Western religions.
  • Philosophy
    This major focuses on skills in critical thinking, ethical consideration, textual analysis, and moral reasoning as students explore worldviews, the history of ideas, pressing current issues, and the foundations of human thought.
  • Youth Ministry
    A Youth Ministry major prepares you to reach young people for Christ through scriptural, educational, and ministry training with a specialized focus on ministering to adolescents. You will engage with the issues facing youth today, reach teens with solid biblical truth, and disciple them in their cultural contexts.
  • Biblical Languages*
    A minor in Biblical Languages allows you to study Greek and Hebrew language, grammar, and syntax. You will interpret Scripture in perspective of its original word usage and linguistic context and distinguish the differences in modern translations.
  • Ethics*
    A minor in Ethics provides basic ethical principles that can apply to many situations of decision-making in and out of the workplace. Learn to think critically and debate rationally in various fields, speaking truth in love.
*Indicates that the program is only a minor.

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