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Jakob Miller

Associate Professor of Political Science

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Jakob Miller

Associate Professor of Political Science


  • PhD, Political Science, Ohio State University (2017)
  • BA, Political Science, Purdue University (2011)


Advice to Incoming Freshmen

You aren’t just here to consume knowledge—make a point of applying what you learn to your life, and take an active role! Question your professors, engage in research, and use what you learn to make a difference!

Also: read the Craft of Research.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I believe that Christianity and academics are naturally inseparable—as all roads lead to Rome, so all truths lead us to Jesus Christ. Nothing makes me happier than the chance to share the joy of that discovery with my students, and Taylor is the perfect place to foster that!


I enjoy cooking, board games, reading, and history.

Major Career Accomplishments

I have an article under review that examines the way in which we respond to messages about political deception, and I’ve also presented at conferences such as IPSA, SPSA, and the Decision Sciences Forum.