Taylor University Campus from Outside of the Entrance Wall.

Wengatz Hall

Wengatz Hall, built in 1965, houses 300 men, making it one of Taylor’s largest residence halls. Wengatz follows a traditional residence hall layout with rooms lining both sides of a T-shaped corridor. Each of its three floors is divided into wings.

The residence hall has a tradition of themed pick-a-dates and casual group dates, including Spring Fling, Canoeing, and Famous Couples pick-a-dates. Other hall and wing activities include the Wengatz Olympics each January, Wild West Week, Melon and Gourd, and more.

Residence Life Contacts

Jacob Gerding

Wengatz Hall Director

  • MA, Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University (2020)
  • BS, Youth Ministry, Evangel University (2018)
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Jared Hobson

Wengatz Assistant Hall Director

  • BA, Communications, Houghton College
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