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Multicultural Students Participating in Mosaic Night.

Intercultural Community

Every college student arrives on campus with certain worries. Will I get along with my roommate? Will I be able to find my classes? How will I fit in? 

But as an intercultural student, member of an ethnic minority, or TCK/missionary kid, you might face additional obstacles and concerns. Will I be welcome here? How will I make the transition into this new culture? Where will I spend holidays and breaks? What happens if I get sick? What if I face discrimination or racism?

With students from 33 different countries, Taylor understands the difficulties students from other cultures face. We assist international, third-culture, missionary and ethnic minority students in helping to better adjust in a new college environment.

Building Intercultural Connections

The presence of students from other cultures adds a rich global dimension to campus and is incredibly valuable to this community. We have the practical things covered. The Student Health Center will take care of the majority of your health needs. Our campus police go the extra mile to provide a safe environment on campus. We’ll help you find a place to stay over a break. Beyond taking care of physical, social, and emotional needs, the Office of Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations goes a step farther. 

The years you spend on campus as a student can mark you for life, and our goal is to help you build connections on campus that will form you as an effective intercultural leader and Christ-follower. We work with all departments and the President’s office to aid faculty, staff, current and future students, as well as churches and church leaders, in taking steps towards celebrating and engaging in diversity and intercultural connections. You’ll find yourself supported by the entire community, including faculty and staff, the majority of whom live near campus and often open their homes to students during holidays and breaks. Read more about our approach

Office of Intercultural Programs

We work to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment that also provides educational and experiential opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty. Our programs and events promote cultural and racial reconciliation, global engagement and highlight the Imago Dei in every person. We are committed to providing an environment where:

  • Students are developed to be Christ-centered servant-leaders
  • Students are assured support and advocacy relative to their unique concerns
  • Students are being prepared for the future by interacting with a diverse community
  • Positive, respectful, and meaningful dialogue regarding issues of diversity is encouraged
  • The recruitment, retention, and graduation of American minority students, international students, MKs, and TCKs is supported

There are many intercultural organizations you can join. You might feel at home in MuKappa, International Student Society, Multicultural Student Association, or many others, including:

  • Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness (ASIA)
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Cultural Diversity Scholarship (CDS)
  • Latino Student Union (LSU)
  • Middle East Collegiate Association (MECA)
  • Multicultural Student Association (MSA)
  • MuKappa (Missionary kids organization)
  • International Student Society (ISS)
  • Voices of Praise Gospel Choir

These groups not only give their members support and encouragement but also provide opportunities for you to share your experiences and perspectives with the rest of the student body through events like Mosaic Night:

Reporting Harassment or Discrimination

Taylor University seeks to provide a safe environment free of racial harassment. When incidents of racial harassment do occur, we take these allegations seriously. 

Contact the Office of Intercultural Programs

Nate Chu, Director of International Student Programs,

Maribel Magallanes, Director of Student Leadership and Cultural Programs,

Ellie Moon, Secretary for Office of Intercultural Programs,

Emily Thumbnail

"Transitioning into life at Taylor has been a beautiful season of growth and change for me. This university caters to a multitude of students from varying backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles; being in this environment has opened my eyes to so much and helped me see the Lord's love of unity in a different light. As a freshman I've loved seeing all the opportunities we have to dive into on-campus activities, clubs, and sports. Immersing yourself into campus life is extremely easy to do with such a welcoming community."