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Students who appreciate well-told stories and enjoy reading and writing should consider majoring in English. As an English major, you will dive into literary works from around the world and across time, interpreting cultural and symbolic significance. You will learn to analyze classic and contemporary works of poetry, drama, fiction, and creative nonfiction and put what you learn into action.

English majors have access to a plethora of opportunities that translate into resume-building experiences. Submit to or participate in the production of Parnassus (literary journal), the Relief Journal (national art and faith journal), and The Echo (student newspaper). Host, facilitate, and present academic papers at the Making Literature Conference and the C.S. Lewis & Friends Colloquium. Help fellow students improve their academic work as an editor with the Writing Center, or dig into literary research with the English faculty.

See for Yourself

Listen to Dr. Bowman, Creative Writing professor, discuss the broad opportunities you will have with an English degree.

English Concentrations
With an English major, you will focus your studies with a Creative Writing or Literature concentration.

  • Creative Writing Concentration
    With a Creative Writing concentration, cultivate your understanding of both the art form and the cultural impact that writing develops in artistic and philosophical contexts. Creative writing courses explore various writing types and allow you to refine your written voice; create original works of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction; and articulate your unique perspective.
  • Literature Concentration
    Develop your skills of literary analysis and critical writing with a Literature concentration. You'll read extensively, learn the cultural contexts of various classical and contemporary literary pieces, and closely examine historically significant American and global works. You will participate in scholarly conversations surrounding how different authors influenced their surrounding society and were influenced by their location and era.

English Curriculum & Degree Options

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Dr. Nancy Dayton, English Department Chair

Pamela Pegg, English Program Assistant

Special Programs
  • Systems Curriculum

    Giving you a competitive edge, Systems is an interdisciplinary program created to complement many degrees and strengthen analytical, technical, and critical thinking skills. Learn More

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English Department
Finding Your Voice

As a Taylor English scholar, you will have opportunities to dig deeper into canonical literary works and refine the way you communicate. As an artist, you will be encouraged to experiment with your writing style and find your written voice. Through our concentrations in Creative Writing or Literature, you will develop skills in critical inquiry, analysis, and storytelling—abilities that will propel you further in your career aspirations.

You will also receive encouragement, challenges, opportunities, and mentorship from peers and experienced English faculty who are dedicated to seeing you grow. Our faculty are experts and practicing artists, passionate about sharing their love for literature and creative writing.

With a 97 percent career placement rate, the English department has connections to businesses that are eager to hire Taylor students.

See for Yourself

Listen to Dr. Nancy Dayton, Chair of the English department, talk about the opportunities students have to explore at Taylor in literature, creative writing, and English.

The Perfect Publishing Environment

English majors enrolled in the Parnassus and Relief classes spend a lot of time in the Relief room, a space in Reade Liberal Arts Center dedicated to the literary journals and English students. With a conference table, a lounge area, and shelves of books, the Relief room is an ideal space for acquisition and editorial discussions.

Filling in the Future Pages
Grad Programs

Some of the careers our students pursue require a graduate degree. Taylor English graduates have attended the following graduate programs:

  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Ball State University
  • Boston University
  • Harvard School of Theology
  • Indiana University
  • Rutgers University
  • The Ohio State University
  • Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Vanderbilt University
Career Opportunities

English majors graduate as effective communicators, storytellers, and critical thinkers equipped for a wide range of career opportunities. You will be prepared to work as an author, lawyer, librarian, museum curator, journalist, teacher, publicist, librarian, editor—and more—in a variety of fields such as education, law, journalism, marketing, music, public relations, or government.

Learn more about Taylor University’s Communication, Language, & Writing philosophy.

Faculty & Staff
Department Head

Nancy Dayton

Department Chair & Professor of English



Barb Bird

Professor of English, Dean of Faculty Development, & Director of the Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning


Dan Bowman Jr.

Associate Professor of English


Aaron Housholder

Assistant Professor of English


Carie King

Assistant Professor of English


Lorne Mook

Associate Professor of English


Julie Moore

Director of the Writing Center & Associate Professor of English


Joe Ricke

Professor of English



Pamela Pegg

English & Modern Language Program Assistant