With a Psychology major, you will learn how the mind works and how it impacts human behavior.

Psychology Major/Minor

Deeper Understanding

Integrate the study of the human mind with your faith and discover how God has designed us to interact with the world and each other. By majoring in Psychology, you will learn how the mind works and how it impacts human behavior.

Our passionate faculty will help you unpack difficult questions and seemingly unpredictable behaviors in society. Through studying psychology, you will gain a heightened awareness of your own thought process and a greater understanding of other people’s motivations, personalities, influences, abilities, and cultures.

The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within

Foundational psychology courses develop research methods and a basic understanding of psychology and its applications. You will then choose from multiple in-depth courses to explore the areas of developmental, personal, biological, cognitive, and sociocultural psychology.

The Psychology major is ideal foundation for graduate study, as well as entry into bachelors-level careers. All Psychology majors must complete a practicum or advanced research project with the assistance of peers and faculty.

Integrating Faith and Psychology in the Classroom

Dr. Mark Cosgrove, Professor of Psychology, discusses the distinct approach the department has to integrating Christianity and psychology at Taylor.

Psychology Pre-Med Major Track

Study the human mind and its impact on human behavior, while building a foundation in the hard sciences with courses in biology, chemistry, math, and physics. By adding the Pre-Med curriculum to a Psychology degree, our students are well-prepared for the MCAT and entrance into medical, dental, and allied health schools.

Minor in Psychology

Fuel your understanding of human mental development and the life of the mind with a Psychology minor. Explore the foundations of psychology and build your own curriculum through a variety of electives that interest to you and will build upon your major. This minor pairs especially well with Multimedia Journalism, Management, and History majors.

Psychology Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

Contact the Psychology Department

Dr. Diane Dungan, Department Chair & Associate Professor of Psychology

Cindi Carder, Psychology Program Assistant