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Services and Resources

Writing Center

The Writing Center exists to provide peer tutoring in writing from trained writing tutors who work with student writers of all skill levels. Tutors engage with student writers in one-on-one writing discussions, ranging from generating ideas to negotiating editing difficulties. Although we discuss writing, we focus on writers. Conversing over writing engages the writer in a powerful learning experience, builds up writing skills, improves writing processes, and clarifies the writer's ideas. Our ultimate goal is to help students become confident and reflective writers. Additionally, tutors provide English language support for non-native speakers, including writing, tutoring, and assistance with other English language issues.

Peer Tutoring

Many students of varying abilities often need assistance in clarifying and understanding a particular concept within individual courses or within whole fields of study. Recognizing the importance of peer interaction in the learning process, the AEC employs from 80-100 tutors for study tables and one-on-one tutoring services to meet this need in a personal, interactive way. Students can meet with tutors for any class, and all tutoring is provided free of charge to students. If you have any questions about the Peer Tutoring Program, please contact the Coordinator of Tutoring Services.

Disability Support

We offer access to disability services for students through the Academic Enrichment Center. Students should provide adequate documentation to allow the AEC to best understand the nature of the disability and provide services befitting the student’s needs. Services offered include note taking, extended time on tests in a quiet setting, audio books and more.

Either before or upon arriving on campus, students should also make an appointment with Lisa Wallace to discuss their particular needs.

Individual Support

AEC faculty and staff are available by appointment to meet with any student to help provide individual support for academic success as the student transitions into college and through to graduation. Appointments can be made by visiting the AEC in the Zondervan library or contacting the faculty or staff member.

Learning Courses

The AEC facilitates the following courses to equip students to improve learning and to increase academic success.

  • Fundamentals of Writing – ENG 101

    Introduction to college-level writing and preparation for ENG 110. Students will improve their ability to read academic texts and respond to them in their own writing. They will learn fundamental writing processes, including improving their credibility, confidence, and voice as writers and revising their writing to meet minimum college-level standards. Offered fall semesters.

  • Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts – IAS 110

    This course is an introduction to the liberal arts, the integration of faith and learning, the foundational core, improved learning, and the transition to college. Through large group lectures and small group discussion sessions, the themes of right relationship with God, self, others, and the world are developed. Required of all students. Meets foundational core requirement. Offered fall semester.

    Taught by Dr. Jeff Cramer and Dr. Scott Gaier

  • Academic Reading – AEC 140

    An exploration and application of reading strategies to help students engage academic reading for more effective reading rate, comprehension and retention. The course will help students establish appropriate reading skills for academic success in college. Students who take and pass IAS 140 satisfy the reading proficiency required by the university.

    Taught by Lance Vanderberg and Dr. Scott Gaier

  • Applied Learning Techniques – AEC 180

    This course emphasizes techniques for the improvement of study skills, listening and note taking, reading, and comprehension.

    Taught by Lance Vanderberg

  • Foundations of Learning and Academic Engagement – AEC 190

    This course is specifically designed to help increase learning and academic success for students on academic probation. Students on academic probation will meet individually with a faculty or staff member in the Academic Enrichment Center throughout the entire semester. Topics covered will emphasize deep learning, academic engagement and responsibility, and study skills.

    Individualized courses are taught by Dr. Scott Gaier, Ken Taylor, and Lance Vanderberg

  • Advanced Reading: Speed and Comprehension – AEC 410

    This course emphasizes speed reading techniques and effective comprehension.

    Taught by Dr. Scott Gaier

  • Mathematics Fundamentals – MAT 100

    This course is a study of the basic arithmetic operations, exponents, ratios, linear and quadratic equations, graphs, and story problems. It is specifically designed to assist those students who need help for the mathematics proficiency examination.