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J-Term Academic Trips

Several off-campus programs are offered during J-Term, a mini-term between first and second semester during the month of January. Whether you seek to stretch yourself academically or serve and learn through missions, there are many opportunities for short-term travel.

January Study Abroad Options

  • Footsteps of Paul

    The department of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy sponsors a three-week trip to Greece and Italy during J-Term to cover a core Bible credit. The trip focuses on Paul’s letters to various churches either sent to or from cities in Greece and Italy during his second and third missionary journeys. Students visit key sites including Thessaloniki, Athens, Corinth, and Rome.

  • HEART Program

    The HEART Program is offered during J-Term for those desiring to serve in developing third-world countries. Students live and learn in a simulated third-world village. Emphasis is on technical skill learning in agriculture (animals and horticulture), appropriate technology, cross-cultural communication and community development, nutrition and food preparation, and primary health care. Students receive three hours of credit for this program, which takes place at the HEART (Hunger Education and Resources Training) Institute in Lake Wales, Florida.

  • International Business Study Tour

    The Business department sponsors this international business study tour during J-Term. In recent years, the group has traveled to China, Hong Kong, and Macau, focusing on three dynamic and distinctive economic systems. The group visits a variety of international and local businesses and local schools. Previous trips have also included a symposium with business students at Hong Kong Baptist University.

  • Introduction to Holy Land Studies

    This Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy trip is based on the campus of Jerusalem University and throughout the Holy Land. Travel to Galilee and visit the traditional locations of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. Explore famous biblical towns like Bethlehem (home of David and birthplace of Jesus), Beersheba (key location for Abraham), Nazareth, Caesarea Philippi (near the location of the Mount of Transfiguration), and Caesarea Maritima (where Paul was imprisoned before his trip to Rome). This course is offered to fulfill a foundational Bible credit or as a Bible elective.

  • Literary London

    The department of English sponsors Literary London, a study tour combining reading of major British authors (Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginia Woolf, and others) with extensive sightseeing. Most of the trip is spent in London, with the class also traveling to Edinburgh and other locations of literary significance.

  • Manila International Practicum

    Social Work and Education majors embark on a three-week study abroad trip to Manila, Philippines. Social work students work with licensed social workers in the Manila community while Education majors participate in classroom instruction in several schools in Cuatro. Both groups will have the opportunity to develop cross-cultural skills as they spend time with the children in an orphanage sponsored by Kids International Ministry.

  • Egypt J-Term Experience

    Sponsored by the History, Global & Political Studies Department, the Egypt J-Term experience takes students to Cairo and Luxor to explore the culture of ancient and modern Egypt through an interdisciplinary approach that covers areas such as: history, religion, politics, architecture, art, language, geography/environment, diplomatic relations, and gender relations. By approaching ancient Egypt in this way, students will be challenged to better understand the multifaceted aspects of culture and how different components impact and shape each other.

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Apply to Study Abroad Programs

Admission can be competitive depending on your chosen program, and applicants are evaluated based on the written application, GPA, letters of reference, and a personal interview. Good academic, social, and financial standing with the University are also requirements for acceptance.


Contact Trudy Owen, Program Assistant at 765-998-5106 or trowen@taylor.edu.

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