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Student trainer works with client at The Well

Student Jobs

Working on campus while you are a student at Taylor can provide so much more than a paycheck. You’ll be rewarded with empowering experiences, networking opportunities, and immersed in a supportive community. As a Taylor student, you’ll have access to a wide variety of campus jobs with flexible scheduling that complement your studies—or you can find a role very different than your usual classroom setting—all while you build relationships, boost your resume, and even help finance your education. Campus jobs are open to all students, including international students.

Student jobs can be found across campus with positions like residence hall front desk management, academic tutoring, lab supervision, academic department support, and athletics event crew. Other popular student jobs can be found in departments like Facilities, Information Technology, Marketing, Admissions, Advancement, and more.

Get Started

Finding work in a new place may seem daunting at first. But the good news is—you’re not alone. Hundreds of your fellow students are working campus jobs, and opportunities are everywhere. Hiring for the fall semester starts the prior spring so departments are prepared when the school year begins. There are still plenty of positions available in the fall, but you’ll want to begin your job search as soon as possible! Learn more about current positions at Welcome Weekend.

Student jobs can be a stepping stone to the career you have in mind. Stay in touch with the Calling & Career Office (CCO) throughout your years at Taylor University and take advantage of their many services, including resume writing, interview practice, and networking opportunities. Through their network of partners, CCO can help you find an off-campus internship and prepare you for a rewarding career upon graduation.

If you have questions about payroll or other documentation, Human Resources is happy to help. Student employment on campus is at will.

Student Positions

Coming soon, there will be a listing here of current job openings.

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Azucena Hernandez

I have had the opportunity to have different jobs on campus. I have worked as an assistant/receptionist for Student Development, where I learned how to provide friendly customer service in a fast-paced office environment. I have also worked as a teaching assistant for biology and chemistry, where I got to work one-on-one with professors who mentored me, led me to be a better assistant, and gave me a better level of understanding in topics related to my major. I’m originally from Guatemala, and I am really thankful that Taylor provides the opportunity for international students to work on-campus.